Resilience Metrics

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This interactive guide is singularly focused on helping users define and track climate change adaptation success and progress. It introduces the fundamentals of adaptation, preparedness, and resilience-building for a changing climate. Users will find information on the various dimensions of adaptation success and why it’s useful to track progress, as well as clear guidance and tools to help them find and use tailored indicators and metrics for their work.

This Guide Features

  • An introduction to multiple ways to start thinking about adaptation success and developing indicators and metrics
  • Easy overviews of adaptation, evaluation, key concepts in monitoring and evaluation, and core dimensions of adaptation success
  • Detailed how-to description of six steps to successfully develop and use adaptation indicators and metrics
  • Facilitation tools to work through different steps with your partners and stakeholders
  • Job aids that provide guidance, quick overviews, and helpful tips
  • Example applications in specific places, including brief descriptions and all the materials used and produced in each case
  • A searchable resource library of relevant reports, articles, data sources, and websites