QNSPECT Tutorial

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QNSPECT is a screening tool used to estimate runoff values for nonpoint source pollution and erosion, and to compare how these values might change under a different land-use or management scenario. This tutorial provides background information, guides you through the tool’s set-up process, and offers practice exercises to help you feel more comfortable using the tool. Tool functions simulate surface water runoff, erosion, nonpoint source pollution, and the accumulation of these conditions downslope and downstream. QNSPECT, a QGIS plug-in, is applicable for coastal and non-coastal areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and access the functionality available in the QNSPECT application
  • Identify data requirements
  • Explore the impacts of different land use and land management scenarios
  • Interpret tool outputs
  • Apply QNSPECT for your project needs


Participant Requirements

  • A basic understanding and proficiency with GIS software.
  • The ability to install, or have installed, the QGIS software and the QNSPECT application (instructions provided in the tutorial).