Risk Communication

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A sign with “Keep off the Dunes” is stuck in a dune with a beach in the background.

When it comes to storm preparation and other community planning exercises, resident participation is important. Community leaders use these Digital Coast products to increase their risk communication skills and their ability to engage the community.

Understand Your Audience

Consider Best Practices

Visualize the Issue

  • Tool

    Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

    Map people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding. Use the information to start community conversations about risk reduction strategies.

  • Tool

    Lake Level Viewer

    Map potential lake level changes and impacts for the U.S. Great Lakes. Use the visualizations to start community conversations about impacts and risk reduction strategies.

  • Tool

    Sea Level Rise Viewer

    Use the “marsh migration” tab to see how wetlands in your area are impacted by sea level rise. Watch the tutorial to see how to get the most out of this powerful information resource.

Use Ready-Made Visuals

  • Training – Video

    Storm Surge

    Provides information about storm surge and its impacts (1-minute animated video).

  • Training – Video


    Explains how to prepare for and respond to a tsunami (1-minute animated video).

  • Training – Online Guide

    Adapting Stormwater Management for Coastal Floods

    Identifies current and future coastal flood risk and impacts on stormwater systems. Generates a report for use in risk communication.

  • Training – Video

    What Does Tidal Flooding Look Like?

    Shows the impacts of high tide flooding and identifies actions communities can take to prepare (interactive video).