Workshop Helps Communities Better Estimate Working Waterfront Economy

The Takeaway: Officials are using the economic-analysis methods and resources provided to pinpoint economic strengths and grow the economy of tomorrow.

Maine officials who attended an economic-analysis workshop are using the methods and resources provided to pinpoint the economic strengths of their working waterfronts and grow the economy of tomorrow.

NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management led the workshop and collaborated with the National Working Waterfront Network and Maine Sea Grant on this new method for obtaining local waterfront economic data.

As a result, the City of Portland’s Economic Development Department is documenting the wide-ranging industries that benefit from the waterfront, with the aim of recruiting future businesses. The Sunrise County Economic Council is quantifying all the community benefits of local commercial fisheries. And the Washington County Council of Governments is working on waterfront grant proposals, local comprehensive plans, and maritime management updates.

Other partners for this effort include the Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission and Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. (2018)

Partners: Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, Maine Sea Grant, National Working Waterfront Network