Grants to Satellite Beach Clear Path for Adaptation Action

The Takeaway: NOAA and the state’s coastal program provided early funding for the City of Satellite Beach’s sustainability plan.

With more than 85 percent of its land area at 10 feet below sea level, the City of Satellite Beach stepped up efforts to make the community more resilient. Several land-use policy amendments incorporate sea level rise projections, which also inform the city’s 2017 sustainability action plan. The plan identifies twenty “Green Achievement Targets” and was made possible by early-stage planning grants from NOAA and the Florida Coastal Management Program.

Sustainability targets focus heavily on nature-based infrastructure, increased renewable energy use, and retrofits of buildings and stormwater systems. Examples include acquiring and trading land to set up retention ponds for pre-treatment of runoff; promoting xeriscaped landscaping, water-conservation techniques, and community gardens; increasing the climate resilience of municipal buildings; and retrofitting buildings with solar- and LEED-certified materials. (LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.”)

The city is also testing and tracking fertilizer concentrations in runoff to lessen nutrient loading of the Indiana River Lagoon. More mangrove plantings will help stabilize the shoreline and filter the lagoon. (Original story 2016/Updated 2018)

Partners: City of Satellite Beach, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida Sea Grant, Metroquest